Many women come to Talk of the Town Hair Studio dismayed by the extent of their hair loss. Certainly, no woman ever wants to find that her hair is thinning, and when it happens, it can be discouraging. The good news is that hair loss never has to be permanent. Our team can provide access to a range of clinically proven, safe, and effective products that can restore you to a full and healthy head of hair.

A good way to begin the process is with a scalp evaluation. Simply put, there are many potential causes of hair loss in women. Through a scalp evaluation, we can help identify the underlying factors contributing to your female hair loss, and tailor our recommendations accordingly.

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To understand how hair loss happens, it’s first important to understand how hair growth happens. The follicles on your scalp naturally alternate between a growth phase and a rest phase. During the growth phase, new hairs are produced. During the rest phase, those hairs are shed to make room for healthy new growth. About 10 percent of your follicles may be at rest at any moment, which means a little shedding is totally normal.

Problems arise when this cycle is thrown off balance—whether because the growth phase is shortened or the rest phase is elongated. This is basically what happens with female pattern hair loss. DHT, a testosterone side product, impedes your follicles from their normal, healthy cycle, and can lead to thinning hair across your scalp.

This is just one possible cause of hair loss in women. Rare autoimmune disorders, such as alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis, may also be culprits. If you are experiencing hair loss all over your body, not just on your scalp, one of these conditions is likely to blame.

Medical complications can also explain hair loss. The most obvious examples are chemotherapy and radiation treatments, both of which can cause hair to fall out. Additionally, there are a number of prescription medications that have been linked to hair loss.

Trichotillomania is another condition that may explain female hair loss. This is essentially a nervous disorder, sometimes compared to OCD, wherein the individual compulsively twists or pulls at her hair. Over time, this can cause scarring to the follicles, rendering the hair loss permanent.

Traction alopecia is still another concern. Women who wear their hair in tight hairstyles—for example, tight braids, corn rows, or buns—may, over time, experience follicular scarring, which can lead to thinning hair.

There are obviously a number of reasons why women might lose their hair, and all of them can leave you feeling discouraged. The good news is that, no matter the cause or the scope of your hair loss, there’s always something to be done about it! At Talk of the Town Hair Studio, we can get to the bottom of your problem, then give you some options for fixing it. Again, the process begins with a scalp analysis. We hope to see you here in our studio soon so we can talk more about your hair restoration needs.

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There are a number of potential factors that could be contributing to your hair loss. At Talk of the Town Hair Studio, we can help you narrow down the list. What’s more, we can point you toward some solutions that will help you once again enjoy a full, natural head of hair—to both look and feel like yourself again! To begin the process, please contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation. We’d love to sit down with you in a private, relaxed studio setting. In this no-pressure environment, we’ll provide a scalp analysis, answer your questions, and help you put together a hair restoration action plan. Join us in Orcutt, CA or Santa Barbara, CA soon!