Hair loss can be discouraging; for some, it can actually be traumatizing. Here at Talk of the Town Hair Studio, we offer a message of hope: No matter how bad your hair loss may seem, you don’t have to settle for it. There are a number of safe, proven, and effective hair loss remedies that don’t require you to wear a fake-looking hair piece or to have a surgical intervention. Our mission is to provide those solutions to men and women throughout the Orcutt, CA and Santa Barbara, CA areas.

From the beginning, we’ve had a simple aspiration: We want to help people regain their hair and their sense of self-confidence. To make that happen, we draw upon a long track record of experience in the salon industry. The roots of Talk of the Town Hair Studio go back decades; our founder has two grandparents who owned a salon for 30+ years, and who imparted to her the importance of helping clients look and feel like a million bucks.

We know how personal hair restoration can be. We have family members who have battled with cancer, and with the attending complications of medically induced hair loss. These experiences have made us passionate about providing our clients with a friendly, personal, and empathetic touch at each stage of the journey.

Talk of the Town Hair Studio is a family-owned and family-run business, which is one of the things our clients love about us: They know that in our salons they receive friendly and down-to-earth care, never anything that seems highly corporatized or cookie-cutter. We love getting to know our clients and to recommend hair loss remedies that are tailored to meet their exact needs.

When you first meet with us in either of our salon locations, we’ll provide you with a FREE, confidential hair loss consultation. This is private and non-invasive, and all happens in a relaxed and comfortable studio. We’ll simply talk with you about your hair loss experience, answer questions, and recommend some options that we think are right for you. With your permission, we’ll also do a quick scalp analysis, which allows us to get to the bottom of why you’re losing your hair.

Our team is committed to only providing solutions that are proven, safe, effective, and non-surgical. For some clients, this means getting a custom hair system. These systems provide an elegant way for you to have a full head of hair without the need for a transplant. Each system is customized to the individual, meaning your system is made for you and you alone!

We also offer wigs, particularly to our female clients. A good wig provides a simple and elegant way to deal with hair loss, especially hair loss that stems from a medical treatment or complication. It’s a pleasure for us to provide wigs from some of the world’s top wig makers.

Talk of the Town Hair Studio is also your resource for human hair extensions, human hair toppers, laser hair therapy, and a wide range of trichology-based scalp treatments—all of which can help you to once again enjoy a full head of hair.

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Hair loss can seem so permanent, so unsolvable—but the truth is, you always have some options available to you. With the right treatment, you can regain both your hair and your sense of self-confidence. Talk of the Town Hair Studio is proud to bring a full spectrum of hair restoration techniques to men and women alike, and we invite you to come meet with us to learn more about how we can serve you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a FREE, confidential hair loss consultation. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and help you find a solution that’s right for you.