A lot of our clients come to us hoping for hair replacement—but in some cases, we can actually offer hair regrowth. By reversing some of the underlying conditions that contribute to hair loss, we can sometimes create conditions in which your follicles are capable of renewed and healthy hair growth! To learn more about the possibilities of hair regrowth, we hope you’ll join us here at Talk of the Town Hair Studio in Orcutt, CA or Santa Barbara, CA.

The process begins with a consultation. We understand that our clients are all different, and they have different hair restoration needs. That’s why we like to begin with a brief, non-invasive scalp analysis, which tells us a little bit more about why you’re losing your hair. From there, we can determine whether you might be qualified for hair procedures.

A lot of the time, hair loss stems from an unhealthy scalp. To address it, we might turn to trichology—that is, the field of dermatology that pertains to the scalp and to the follicles. Trichology-based scalp treatments can often result in full restoration of your follicles, meaning you can start producing your own naturally growing hair once more. Talk of the Town Hair Studio provides clients with a number of FDA-approved, holistic trichology treatments.

Another option is laser hair restoration. This is another safe, FDA-approved approach that stimulates new blood flow to your follicles. By “waking up” dormant follicles, we can often yield rejuvenated hair growth. We have a number of options for laser hair restoration, providing our clients with maximum comfort and convenience.

These are just a few of the options we have available for addressing hair loss, without the need for surgical intervention. To find out more about the hair regrowth solutions that best fit your needs, we welcome you to join us in our salon any time you’re ready.

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To begin your journey in hair restoration, please join us for a complementary hair loss solutions consultation. In a private, one-on-one setting, we’ll discuss the different hair restoration methods that are available, and help you determine which one best fits your needs. Contact Talk of the Town Hair Studio to schedule your no-obligation hair consultation today.


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  • I am a chemo patient at the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center in Santa Barbara, with terribly thinning hair. For those who know the character Gollum from Lord of the Rings, I now look like Mrs. Gollum. Tami was recommended by the RTCC for cutting my wig and she did a great job. I've got bangs! I've got volume! I've got a wig that looks like hair that actually grows on my head! Not only was she knowledgeable, she was very sensitive to my embarrassment about the loss of my hair and full of ideas as to how I can "look good, feel better".

    I would recommend her for all chemo patients and for anyone else who is experiencing the trauma of hair loss.

    — Coco Paz

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