What Makes a CNC Hair System Different
09 / 01 / 19

What Makes a CNC Hair System Different from Any Other Hair Loss Solution?

For men and women seeking complete hair replacement, a custom hair system is often the ideal solution. We are pleased to provide the CNC hair system here at Talk of the Town Hair Studio; we fully believe that not all hair systems are created equal, and that this one is the gold standard.

What makes the CNC hair system so special? What distinguishes it from other custom hair systems on the market? Here are a few of the primary reasons why we’re strong proponents of the CNC.

It Starts with 3-D Printing

When you get a custom hair system, it’s imperative that it fits to your scalp snugly and securely. Ideally, your hair system will fit to your scalp just like a contact lens fits to the eyeball. It should very quickly begin to feel like second nature.

The CNC hair system is able to achieve this precise fitting better than any other product on the market… and the reason for that is simple. The CNC is the only hair system that’s made with proprietary 3-D printing technology. What this means is that the exact measurements of your scalp can be taken, then flawlessly reproduced in the form of a super-thin membrane.

Thanks to the precision that 3-D printing allows, you can rest assured that your CNC hair system will be perfectly customized to fit your scalp; that it will truly be made for you and you alone!

High-Quality Hair

Once the membrane is produced, the next step in the process is to insert individual human hairs. Here again, the CNC custom hair system distinguishes itself.

When you choose this hair system, you gain access to 100 percent European hair; this is widely considered to be the highest-quality hair in the world, never coarse or brambly. This hair is rigorously tested to ensure it upholds these high standards.

It’s also important to note that this is virgin hair. What this means is that it’s never been colored, bleached, or chemically processed in any way. Simply put, you won’t find purer, healthier hair anywhere.

Making the System Your Own

Once the hairs are inserted into the base, the system is ready to be styled. Working with a stylist here at Talk of the Town Hair Studio, you can give your specifications for what you want your new head of hair to look like. Whether you want to replicate your natural look or opt for something bold and different, our stylists can accommodate.

You’re in control of all aspects of your CNC hair system, from the color to the length, from the texture to the direction of the hair. It’s not hyperbole to say that, when you get a custom hair system, you literally get to pick out your dream hair!

But what really sets the CNC apart is that, with this hair system, the end result looks completely natural; indeed, we like to tell our clients that everybody will notice your thick, healthy head of hair, but no one will know you’re wearing a hair system.

Learn More About Custom Hair Systems

There’s plenty more we could say about the advantages of a custom hair system, such as the minimal maintenance required, or the way a hair system can keep pace with even an athletic lifestyle.

The best way to learn more about CNC hair systems, is to meet with us in our salon. We’d love to sit down with you and chat about the advantages of getting a custom hair system. Contact Talk of the Town Hair Studio today to schedule a FREE confidential consultation with us.