There are a number of potential causes of hair loss; often, they boil down to unhealthy scalp conditions. Hair needs a clean, healthy environment to grow—and if your scalp isn’t in good condition, it can impede your natural hair growth. The best way to address these problems is through trichology treatment, which we are pleased to provide here at Talk of the Town Hair Studio.

What is trichology, exactly? Basically, it’s the part of dermatology that deals with the scalp, and specifically with the follicles. Through an advanced understanding of this science, we can offer our clients scalp care solutions that clear up unwanted conditions, and create a clean environment in which new hair can grow.

At Talk of the Town Hair Studio, we offer trichology and scalp treatments that have been rigorously tested and proven to be safe and effective. Many of these treatments involve either topical and/or oral remedies, generally made with natural ingredients to promote healthy hair growth. In particular, we are pleased to provide products from CRLab, long the standard-bearer in trichology-based hair restoration.

Is trichology-based scalp care the best approach to your hair loss? The best way to find out is to join our team for a FREE consultation. We’d love to answer your questions and walk you through some specific treatment options.